The year was 1980, and Alex Tilley had just founded his company, then a sailing apparel retailer. Among its first available pieces was the T3 Hat , a humble hat that packed a punch, made from cotton duck fabric and featuring a wind cord designed to keep it steady on the tousled heads of seaward sailors.


Before long, Tilley expanded, attracting the attention of worldly travellers and big dreamers alike, offshore and on. Adventurers both aspiring and on the move donned the hat, a champion of practical comfort, functionality, and style. Over time Tilley has evolved and changed as the world did, but one thing has stayed the same: the beloved T3.


Today, the Tilley name is synonymous with freedom of movement; out of doors or in. With hats and apparel built to travel with you over hills and through trees. From city to trail, from now until forever. They are built to last a lifetime.


A souvenir from our nautical origins and a symbol of Tilley’s evolution. To don the T3 is to engage with an exciting piece of our history and future. The Heritage Collection, including the T3, is and always has been made in Canada. Now available in kids' sizes too!!!