Chapeaux 101

Il y a quatre décennies, le besoin d'un chapeau de voile durable est devenu la naissance du chapeau emblématique Tilley. Depuis lors, nous avons continué à fabriquer et à concevoir avec la même pensée et le même soin, avec des performances, une durabilité et une authenticité durables comme nos références toujours présentes. Et aujourd'hui, nos produits portent le même cachet de qualité, de soin et de savoir-faire que nous sommes fiers de vous faire porter.

An introduction to Shapes

Certified UPF 50+

Dermatologists recommend protection from the sun by using sunscreen, wearing closely woven sun protective clothing, sunglasses with a UV filter and a broad-brimmed sun hat.

All Tilley hat fabrics have been tested and certified to provide an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, the maximum rating given. A UPF rating is granted to apparel that has been tested and proven to block a certain amount of ultraviolet radiation.

Choosing the Right Tilley Hat for You


Our classic styles have withstood the test of time, though we constantly revisit this collection to inject new colours and check for long lasting durability and integrity of design.

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Our bestselling collection, the iconic silhouette maximizes sun protection, ventilation and long-lasting toughness.

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It takes more than just the fabric to make a hat that can withstand the punches that sport and weather elements can throw at it. Our styles have been designed with every detail in mind to let the wearer focus on what they’re doing, and trust in what the wearing.

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Style & Resort

Where function meets beauty, this collection is designed with style in mind while not compromising on sun protection and durability

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Focused on premium materials and quality craftsmanship, we have focused on bringing superior and technical fabrics together with classic styles for our winter hats collection.

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Find the Right Fit

The Tilley hat fits more comfortably than many other hats. It’s designed with premium fabrics, comfortable sweatbands and a taller crown to be worn low on your head and slightly loose. It should be held on by gravity, not by uncomfortable pressure on your forehead.

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