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Merino wool provides exceptional softness that you won’t be able to resist cuddling up with, especially on the crisp and cool days that lay ahead. Merino is the ultimate feel-good fibre in every way: our wool is sourced using cruelty-free, non-mulesing techniques, and as a natural fiber has a lower impact on the environment while creating a luxurious feel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hand wash cold or 30C. Do not bleach. Dry flat. Iron at low heat. Dry cleanable.

Fold your merino garment to prevent it from losing its shape.

The Merino breed of sheep produces merino wool, a very fine and soft wool. It’s a natural fibre that is thinner and softer than regular wool. It also has great insulating properties, making it a great alternative to other types of wool.

Yes, merino is great at maintaining your body at a stable temperature. In cooler weather, the crimps and bends in the merino fibres trap air, insulating you and keeping you warm. In warmer weather, the fibres wick sweat away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry.

Merino fibres are super fine and soft, making it comfortable beside the skin. The merino fibres are about 1/3 the diameter of a strand of human hair and are so fine, they bend when they touch your skin in comparison to other types of wool which stay rigid against your skin and can cause irritation.

Merino products are not covered by the Guaranteed For Life policy.