Iconic Canadian Style

For a beautiful life outdoors.

Our hats and apparel celebrate the natural elements, draw inspiration from our diverse landscapes, and tap into a beloved Canadian spirit that finds joy in life outdoors all year round.

True to a time-honoured design philosophy, Tilley balances form with function, style with innovation, and gives classics a modern spin. Our hats are well-fitted and built with solid craftsmanship, quality materials, and the latest textile innovations. Add character and comfort to every woodland campout, park visit, paddle on the lake, and sun-soaked ski day. Over time, your Tilley will tell your wonderful story – and your story will very likely include a Tilley.

Tilley craftsmanship provides versatile protection from the elements.

Designed for a beautiful life outdoors

Designed in Canada since 1980.
Tilley represents a lifetime investment that's rich with stories that have travelled the globe.

An origin story of enduring integrity

What We Hold True

We design locally and produce responsibly.

Tilley began as - and remains - a Canadian company. All of our garments are designed in Canada, and wherever possible, they are manufactured here, too. We understand the outdoors, the ever-changing elements, and how to stay comfortable in them.

What we make is of great importance to us, and how we make it is just as relevant. This includes using the best materials, leading with innovation, honouring quality craftsmanship, and acting with integrity. It is important to us and to our customers that no matter where a Tilley is made, high standards are maintained. Some of our apparel is produced by quality partners outside of our borders. We’ve expanded our global operations in order to keep up with demand and to take advantage of certain sustainable processes - such as the incorporation of recycled materials - that aren’t yet viable within Canada.

We believe unequivocally in fair pay, safe working conditions, and respect for everyone who has a hand in our products.

Our products are the result of time-honoured
craftsmanship and innovation.

Everyone has different reasons for turning to Tilley – and we love knowing you can count on us no matter what your plans are. Our hats and apparel are designed to amplify your joy, comfort, style, and performance – and some have been created with specific adventures and elements in mind. Take a look to see what calls to you!

We always strive to act with integrity and honour quality craftsmanship - and it’s been that way for more than 40 years. In other words, we’re the very opposite of fast fashion, and proud of it.

Your Tilley was built to last and that’s a commitment we stand by. In fact, we’re so confident in our craftsmanship that many of our hats are Guaranteed for Life [LINK: Our Guarantee] against normal wear and tear, poor workmanship, or faulty material.

From cotton to hemp and raffia to nylon, our team scouts out the very best raw materials. We believe that you should be able to count on our hats and apparel to always look good, feel good, and do good when you’re out and about. Learn more about our different materials and the products that feature them.

We know that you get up to amazing adventures in your Tilley – and those experiences can be made even more amazing when you have the latest in weather protection and performance wear including waterproofing, breathability, and high UPF-ratings. Learn more about different textile technologies and how we’ve put them to use for you.

Our journey includes a focus on
environmental responsibility

Tilley continues to set goals and find new ways to be more environmentally-friendly in our production and practices. We pledge to grow our sustainable line of garments, including increasing the recycled fibres in our offerings. Part of our environmental commitment is to build apparel that lasts: our dedication to quality means you won’t likely find a Tilley taking up space in a landfill.

We’re all drawn to Tilley for different reasons - but what unites us is our shared appreciation for the outdoors. In 2021, we will be forming new programmes with non-profit organizations who share our values in protecting the outdoors.