Care Instructions

Standard washable Tilley hats
  1. Consult the label on your Tilley hat and follow any special care instructions.
  2. Machine wash your Tilley hat on its own. (No hot water!) Or gently scrub it by hand with non-bleach, non-whitening soap.
  3. Do not put your Tilley in the dryer! Instead, gently smooth it out while it’s damp, reshaping it with your hands before setting it out to air dry.
Non-machine washable Tilley hats
  1. Consult the label on your Tilley hat for care instructions. If your hat is dry clean only, please have it professionally cleaned.
  2. If your hat is hand-wash only, gently scrub it by hand using tepid water and non-bleach, non-whitening soap.
  3. If your hat is spot-clean only, use a soft, dampened cloth to clean any soiled areas. Most of these hats have a removable sweatband that may be hand-washed in warm water and soap and then air dried.
Non-machine washable Tilley hats

Please care for your Tilley hat regularly by cleaning it as noted on its label to keep sweat stains at bay.

Everyone’s sweat is uniquely chemically composed, and there is no one way to remove stains once they occur.

Try gently scrubbing the affected area with Palmolive® dish detergent and warm (not hot!) water using a soft brush. Then, rinse, shape, and let the hat air dry.

Do not bleach or use a detergent with any type of whitener. This will damage the fabric of your hat and results can be very unpredictable. Bleaching a Tilley hat will invalidate its guarantee.

Stretching your Tilley hat

We preshrink all our fabrics, but wash and wear can still affect your hat’s fit over time. Here’s how to give it a quick stretch if needed:

  1. When your hat is dry, stretch it by putting your knee in the crown and pulling firmly on the opposite side. 
  2. Rotate the hat over your knee and repeat this process until all sides are stretched to your liking.