The Iconic Tilley Hat

The Finest Hat in All The World

That’s what was written under the crown of our very first hat, 40 years ago, and we stand by it. Tilley Hats are thoughtfully designed to block the sun, repel rain, float on water, tie up in the wind, and most importantly, get you out there and enjoying nature. Hats off to that.

What Makes a Tilley a Tilley?

Iconic hats inspired by life outdoors. Thoughtfully designed to help you make the most of every adventure.

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Let the Wind Blow in Airflo

Our signature mesh crown adds exceptional ventilation ability, allowing hot air to escape and cool air to enter.

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Your Travel Companion for Life

If select Tilley hats ever wear out or you find workmanship of materials to be less than the best, we’ll replace it for free. 

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